The New York Times: CIPÓ comments on Lula’s stance in the environmental area

President Lula’s participation in (COP27) was featured in The New York Times, in the article: “Expectations Run High as an Exuberant Lula Speaks at Climate Summit.”

Plataforma CIPÓ’s Executive Director, Adriana Abdenur, who was interviewed for the article, highlighted that Lula’s government will face difficulties in the environmental area, but achieving positive results it is not an impossible task. .

“It’s a challenging situation, but not an impossible one. (…) Revitalizing environmental agencies and providing better funding for enforcement can be done largely without congress.”


Abdenur also comments on the possible effect of government that is committed to environmental protection:

The mere fact we’ll have a president who doesn’t openly endorse the criminal destruction of the Amazon — you know, a willful expansion of environmental crime — there is surely reason to believe it will have an effect,” Ms. Abdenur said. “It will matter,”.

Adriana Abdenur to The New York Times


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